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International Education is possible for all students,
all you need to do is apply.

We aim to bring equal access to international education to all Vietnamese talents with great ambition and/or social-economically disadvantages.

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With over 10 years in helping students achieve their dreams of higher education, we have dozens of success stories. Here are few of the students we've helped over the years.


Your Benefits


We prepare you to
succeed before
you begin your
journey overseas

All our education
mentors have
graduated from
the world's Top 50

We help our
students map out
their futures from
High School
to Post Graduate

Our innovative
solutions and
connections to
can lead to up to
100% tuition +
Room & Board

We accept
students from a
wide range of
income levels and

We give you a full
refund if you don’t
get a scholarship


Let us show you how you can get a full
scholarship to study abroad